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How do I migrate data between my LastPass accounts?

How do I migrate data between my LastPass accounts?

    Often new LastPass Teams or LastPass Business account users already have an existing account under their work email address which contains both personal and work-related data. In this case, it is easy to create a new personal account and migrate the data between the two. Once the two accounts are linked, data can be migrated from the business account to the new personal account by moving items between the two folders.

    1. Create a new personal account using your personal email address (sign up here).
    2. Log in to your company account and link your personal account (instructions here).
    3. In the vault of your business account, a new folder is displayed (the folder name is your personal account username and is indicated with "Linked Personal Account").
    4. Move your desired items from your business account vault to your personal account folder by using the drag and drop method, or by selecting your item(s) then right-click and select Move to Folder and select your personal account folder.