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Move items to a shared folder

    Move items from your vault into a shared folder, or transfer items from one folder into a shared folder in your vault.

    Attention: If you encounter an error when using the sharing feature (either sharing individually or using shared folders), you must upgrade to the latest version of the LastPass browser extension (v4.104.0 or newer). Download the latest version of LastPass on your device.

    About moving items

    Please be aware of the following:
    • You are unable to move items that have been individually shared with you to your own shared folder.
    • When you move an item to a shared folder, an additional "backup" copy of the shared item is automatically moved to your Deleted Items folder and stored there for up to 30 days. This is a precautionary measure so that you can restore the item from the "backup" copy in your Deleted Items folder in case either you can no longer locate the shared item or an issue occurs in an attempt to share that item. Learn how to restore deleted items.
    About this task: To move your desired item(s), do the following:
    1. In your LastPass vault, locate your desired item.
    2. Choose any of the options below to move your item:
      Tip: To move multiple items at once, check the boxes in the upper-right corner of each, then click on one of the selected items and drag them to your desired folder, which will move all selected items.
      Action in LastPass Instructions

      Click an item and drag it under your desired folder.


      Right-click your item and select Move to Folder, then select your desired shared folder.

      Action Menu
      1. Enable the checkbox(es) in the upper-right corner of each item.
      2. Use the Actions drop-down menu and select Organize or Move to Folder, then select your desired shared folder.
      Edit a Password or Note You can also move an item to a shared folder when you are editing it. For more information, see Edit a password and Edit or delete a note.
    3. When prompted, select Yes to confirm.
    Results: You have moved your desired item(s) to a shared folder.