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How do I import stored data into LastPass if I don't have admin privileges in Windows?

    LastPass installers on Windows include a separate password importer that could be run independently (without admin privileges) to import passwords stored insecurely in local web browser password managers. This option is helpful especially for LastPass users who want to migrate their stored data from their web browser password managers into LastPass but do not have admin privileges on their machines or are in locked-down environments.

    1. Download the LastPass Universal installer for Windows (but do not run the installer).
    2. Once downloaded, click the Start menu in Windows.
    3. Locate the Import Passwords app for LastPass, then click to run the application.
    4. Once launched, click Log In to Existing Account.
    5. Enter your email address and master password, then click Log In.
    6. LastPass password importer will search for and present you with a list of passwords stored insecurely on your browsers. Click Import to proceed.
    7. When the import has finished, click OK on the "successfully imported" confirmation message.
      Import passwords screen