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How do I opt-out of trackers on my mobile device?

    You can disable trackers in the LastPass app on your mobile device.

    The privacy and security of our users is always a top priority at LastPass, which is why LastPass was designed with a patented zero-knowledge security model to protect sensitive customer data. No sensitive personally identifiable user data could be passed through these trackers. These trackers are industry standard mobile analytics tools and are used for a limited purpose – to collect aggregated statistical data about how LastPass is used to help us improve and optimize the product to deliver the best user experience. We are continuously reviewing our existing processes to ensure we are prioritizing our customer’s privacy and security. LastPass does not share or sell user, tracking, analytics, or telemetry data.

    For additional information about trackers and analytics, please see our LastPass blog.

    For more information about our commitment to privacy and security, please visit our LastPass Legal Center and review our Privacy Policy.

    Note: Looking for managing privacy settings for the LastPass web browser extension and/or online web vault? Please see How do I manage my privacy settings?.
    About this task: To opt-out of mobile trackers, do the following:
    1. Open the app, then log in with your email address and master password.
    2. Tap Settings > Advanced.
    3. Disable Help improve LastPass and Enable app attribution.
    Results: You have now disabled trackers for the LastPass app.