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How do I purchase more LastPass Business licenses?

    Once you have signed up for a LastPass Business account (trial or paid), you can purchase more licenses to accommodate your user base. You can also manually renew your licenses within one month prior to your billing period expiring.

    About this task:
    1. Log in to your admin console with your email address and master password:
    2. Click Buy Licenses.
    3. On the next page, the following data is displayed:
      • Total valid licenses
      • Number of licenses in-use
      • Number of licenses available
      • Number of users in your company
      • Expiration date of your account
    4. Click Purchase Additional Licenses.
    5. Under Number of Licenses, add the total number of licenses you'd like to add.
      Note: License costs are prorated for the remainder of your LastPass Business billing period.
    6. Click Purchase LastPass Business.
    7. Review the Purchase Details, then enter your credit/debit card number, expiration date, and security code.
    8. Click Pay.
      Note: All of your licenses (both existing and new) will now have the same expiration date.

      Result: You have purchased more LastPass Business licenses.