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Regenerate a key for the Google Authenticator in LastPass

    You can regenerate a key for the Google Authenticator to set it up for your LastPass account again if you lost your mobile device, got a new device, or are concerned that the security of your existing key may have been compromised.

    Important: This will require you to re-associate the Google Authenticator with your LastPass account.
    1. Log in to LastPass and access your vault by doing either of the following:
      • In your web browser toolbar, click the LastPass icon active LastPass icon and select Vault or Open My Vault.
      • Go to and log in with your email address and master password.
    2. Select Account Settings in the left navigation.
    3. Select the Multifactor Options tab.
    4. Click the Edit icon Edit option for the Google Authenticator.
    5. For the "Regenerate Key" option, click Regenerate.
      Regenerate key for Google Authenticator
    6. Enter your master password, then click Continue.
    7. Scan the QR Code via the Google Authenticator app on your mobile phone, replace your old account, then select OK.
    8. Enter the verification code displayed in the Google Authenticator app, then select OK.
    9. When prompted, click OK.
    Results: You regenerated the key for your Google Authenticator app.