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Restore from cloud backup in the LastPass Authenticator app

    You can restore your multifactor accounts from a cloud backup you created in the LastPass Authenticator app.

    Restriction: If you have a federated LastPass account, you cannot enable the LastPass Authenticator app's cloud backup option. LastPass cannot determine if multifactor is enabled within your Identity Provider, and using backup for a LastPass account that has no multifactor authentication enabled might be a security risk.
    Note: If you are a LastPass Free user who uses the LastPass Authenticator app for multifactor authentication (to protect your LastPass account), you can continue to use the authenticator's cloud backup and Restore features even if you have selected Computers as your active device type. Please note that in order to use these features you must have the LastPass app installed on your mobile device and remain logged in (even if Mobile is not your selected device type).
    Before you begin: Be sure you have done the following:
    • Installed and logged in to the LastPass app (for iOS or Android)
    • Installed the LastPass Authenticator app (for iOS or Android)
    • Enabled the LastPass Authenticator app in your vault (instructions here)
    • Enabled cloud backup on your previous device (instructions here), which creates at least one backup
    Note: Push notifications will be transferred to the device on which you restore your backup (as they can only be enabled on one mobile device at a time).
    About this task: To restore your multifactor accounts from a cloud backup via the LastPass Authenticator app, do the following:
    Important: If you create a new back up to LastPass, the old back up is deleted and LastPass Support will not be able to recover the old back up data.
    1. Open the LastPass Authenticator app on your iOS or Android device.
    2. Tap Restore previous backup (iOS) or Restore from backup (Android).
    3. If prompted, tap Open LastPass to open the LastPass app.
    4. To confirm your email address and restore from a backup, tap Use <LastPass account email address> account.
    Results: Your multifactor accounts are now displayed in the in the LastPass Authenticator app and have been restored.