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How do I set up biometrics and mobile account recovery on Android for LastPass?

How do I set up biometrics and mobile account recovery on Android for LastPass?

    When using the LastPass app for Android, set up biometric authentication (face or fingerprint) as a means of account recovery in case your master password is ever forgotten.

    You must log in to the LastPass app with your email address and master password before you can set up account recovery using biometrics.

    Regardless of how you use LastPass (desktop app, browser extension, mobile app), it is strongly recommended that you set up mobile account recovery in case other recovery options are not able to be used.

    Once set up and enabled, you can reset your master password using biometrics (only using this mobile device) to restore access to your vault. Don't worry, if you skip this step when you were initially prompted, you can always enable it later in the LastPass app's Security settings. Alternatively, you can recover your account by using a password hint that you set up when you created or last reset your master password.

    Please be aware that LastPass Support has no knowledge of a user's master password. It is not possible for LastPass Support to reset or change a user's master password if it is forgotten.

    If you are concerned that your LastPass account has been compromised, follow these steps.

    Enable biometrics and account recovery

    About this task:
    Important: This feature does not replace the requirement of entering your master password when logging in to your vault via the app.
    Note: If you have a Pixel 4 device, please see how to set up and use Face Unlock for biometric authentication on that device type.

    Biometrics are used for authentication in the following scenarios:

    • When you have enabled the "Reprompt for master password" feature (globally or specific site entries).
    • When you have saved your master password in the app's login page, and are returning back to the app. Additionally, you must tap the Vault Options icon and go to Settings > Security and toggle on the switch for Lock LastPass automatically.
    • When you have a company policy that requires a Reprompt for Master Password (Enterprise or Identity users).
    • If you have enabled the Reprompt for Master Password setting in the App Fill window.
    About this task:

    To enable biometrics and account recovery in LastPass for your mobile device, do the following:

    1. Open the LastPass app and log in with your email address and master password.
    2. Select the Vault Options icon in the upper-left of the screen.
    3. Go to Settings > Security.
    4. Toggle on the switch for the Unlock with biometrics setting.
    5. To enable account recovery, toggle on the Account Recovery setting.
    6. Verify using fingerprint or face recognition.
    Results: LastPass is now enabled to use biometrics and account recovery for Android.

    Use a password hint (recommended)

    In addition to setting up fingerprint authentication, it is also strongly recommended that you set a password hint when creating or resetting your master password via the LastPass app for Android. This should be a keyword or phrase that acts as a clue or subtle reminder that can be sent via email to help you remember your master password in case it is ever forgotten. If the password hint helps you remember your master password, try logging in to the app again.