How do I set up and use Touch ID for the LastPass Mac App?

    If you have set up and enabled Touch ID for your macOS, you can use Touch ID to unlock your LastPass Mac App and access your vault.

    Feature availability may vary depending on your account type.

    Note: Touch ID for Mac can only be used for unlocking the LastPass Mac App.
    Note: This article is only valid for LastPass Mac App version 4.4.0 and earlier. These versions are often referred to as the "native Mac App" or the "legacy Mac App" and are installed from the Apple App Store. When using LastPass Mac App version 4.4.1 and later, or the Safari web browser app extension that comes with them, the Unlock with Touch ID feature is not available. These newer versions are downloaded directly from the LastPass website. To learn about further differences between the old native Mac App and the current Mac App, see A Change to the LastPass Mac App.
    Before you begin: You must set up Touch ID for macOS before proceeding.
    You can unlock the LastPass Mac app with your fingerprint via the Touch ID feature as follows:
    1. Open the LastPass Mac App, then log in with your email address and master password.
    2. Select the LastPass Mac App in your dock to bring it to the front.
    3. From the Menu Bar, go to LastPass > Preferences.
    4. Check the box to enable the Use Touch ID setting.

      Troubleshooting: Does your LastPass Preferences window look different? This means you may be viewing the Preferences window of the LastPass for Safari app extension, which does not support the Unlock with Touch ID feature. To access the LastPass Mac App Preferences, locate the "LastPass Password Manager" app on your Mac, then go to LastPass > Preferences again.

    5. Click OK to save changes.
    6. To test this feature, from the Menu Bar, go to File > Lock LastPass.

      Result: The LastPass Password Manager Mac App disappears and is now locked.

    7. In the Menu Bar, click the LastPass Menu Bar icon then select Vault.

      Result: You are prompted to unlock LastPass using Touch ID or by entering your master password.

    8. Scan your fingerprint on the sensor of the Touch Bar (as indicated by the Touch Bar notification).

      Result: The LastPass Password Manager Mac App opens and displays your vault.