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How do I set up and view debug logging for Workstation MFA for Windows?

    To assist with troubleshooting, it is highly recommended that you enable debug logging for Workstation MFA for Windows.

      Set up debug logging in the registry.

      1. In Windows Explorer, open the Registry Editor.
      3. Select Edit > New > String Value.
      4. Enter level for the "Name" value.
      5. Double-click on the level entry to open it.
      6. Enter debug for the "Value data" then select OK.
        Registry editor with debug value for level entry
      7. Close the Registry Editor.

      Create a debug log.

      1. On the Windows workstation where you enabled debug logging, lock the workstation or log out of your Windows user profile.
      2. Log back in to the Windows user profile using Workstation MFA (enter your Windows account password, then use the LastPass Authenticator app for verification).

      View debug logs.

      1. Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\ProgramData\LastPass\WMFA Logs.
      2. Open the most recent wmfa_authenticator_client.log file.
    Results: You have enabled debug logging for Workstation MFA on your Windows workstation.