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How do I set up Welcome email templates for new users in LastPass?

    As a LastPass Business admin, you can choose to allow new users to receive our standard Welcome email template, or create a customized Welcome email template of your own to send to them once they have been added to your account.

    Note: The invitation sent to users is valid for up to 90 days from the date sent. After such time, the users must be re-invited individually or using bulk re-invite in the LastPass Admin Console.
    While standard Welcome emails are available for all new users, please note that customized Welcome emails are supported for the following:
    • Manually added users
    • Users added via the LastPass Provisioning API
    • Federated login users added using Azure AD, Okta, Google Workspace, PingOne
    • Users added via SCIM provisioning using Azure AD, Okta, PingOne, or OneLogin
    • Users added via Active Directory using the on-premise LastPass Active Directory Connector
    Restriction:  Customization of Welcome emails is not supported for federated login users added via AD FS or PingFederate.

    Automated & customizable Welcome email for new users


    Welcome to LastPass!

    Your company <company name> has partnered with LastPass to simplify and secure your online life.

    Activate your account below!

    Your username
    <email address>
    Activation code
    <auto-generated activation code>
    Invited by:
    <user email address>
    <admin's location>

    What is LastPass?

    LastPass is a secure password manager that remembers your passwords and logs you in to your online accounts as you work. LastPass will not only generate strong passwords for you and help deter phishing attacks, it will streamline your everyday workflow and save you time by eliminating your password problems.

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