How do I share folders with users outside my company account?

    Invite up to five LastPass users per shared folder that are outside of your account, regardless of their account type (unless policies have been enforced by your LastPass admin to restrict this capability).

    About this task:
    Note: This is functionality is not available for LastPass Families accounts.
    1. From your LastPass vault, click Sharing Center in the left navigation.
    2. Hover over your desired folder and click Manage.
    3. In the Invite Users or Groups field, enter the name of the LastPass user outside of your Teams account.
    4. In the Permissions section, select your desired access for your invited user.
    5. Once selected, click Invite, and the invited users are added to the list of approved users. The selected users will get an email that they are invited to access your shared folder.

      Note: If the email address you entered is not an existing LastPass user account, click Invite when prompted to invite them to sign up for a LastPass account. Once signed up, you can invite them to the shared folder again.

    Results: Once your user is invited, there will be an "Outside your Enterprise" status below their username to differentiate from those within your team.