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Take action on filtered users in the new Admin Console

    You can make bulk changes for all selected users, with various actions available.
    1. Log in with your email address and master password to access the new Admin Console at
    2. If prompted, complete steps for multifactor authentication (if it is enabled for your account).
    3. Go to Users > Users.
    4. Click Filter users next to the Search field in the upper navigation.
    5. Select your desired filters, then click Apply changes.
      Click Filter users on Users page
    6. Once filtered, choose from the following user selection options:
      • Individual user(s) – Check the boxes next to each.
      • All users on the current page – Check the box at the top of the list (next to the Email field).
      • All users in the company account – Check the box at the top of the list (next to the Email field) then click Select all matching users.
    7. Select your desired action listed, or select More actions.
    8. Choose from the following actions:
      • Resend invitation for passwordless
      • Activate users
      • Require master password change
      • Destroy all sessions
      • Lock LastPass MFA device
      • Unlock LastPass MFA device
      • Remove from company
      • Delete users
      • Disable users
      • Disable multifactor
      • Approve users
      • Reject users
    Results: You have taken action on your selected users.