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Transfer a user's stored vault data to another user

    LastPass admins of business accounts have the ability to transfer a user's vault contents to another user in the form of a shared folder. After the data is transferred, the original user account is automatically deleted.

    Note: This feature is only available for LastPass Business accounts – it is not available for LastPass Teams accounts. What type of LastPass business account do I have?
    Before you begin: You must have a LastPass admin account that is enabled with the "Permit super admins to reset Master Passwords" policy.

    Read carefully before proceeding

    Please be aware that transferring a user's vault data to another user will result in deleting the original user's LastPass account entirely. This action cannot be undone.

    If your goal is to share content from one user's vault to another, please consider using either of the following alternative options:

    • If you are a LastPass admin enabled with the "Permit super admins to access shared folders" policy, and are an administrator of the shared folder you want to share, you can assign the shared folder to another user. Learn how here.
    • As a LastPass user, you can use shared folders to share with others from within your vault. Learn how here.

    Transferring a user's vault data to another user

    1. Log in and access the LastPass Admin Console by doing either of the following:
      • While logged in to LastPass, click the active LastPass icon active LastPass icon in your web browser toolbar, then select Admin Console in the menu.
      • Log in at!/dashboard with your admin email address and master password.
    2. Select Users in the left navigation.
    3. Select your desired user.
    4. Click the More Options icon in the upper-right navigation.
    5. Select Transfer Vault.
      More actions menu for user in Admin Console

      Troubleshooting: The Transfer vault option will not be listed if you have more than one user selected.

    6. Locate the user to whom the account will be transferred, then click Select.
    7. When prompted, click OK to confirm.
    8. Enter your master password, then click Submit.
    9. On the confirmation window, click Close.
    Results: The vault data is transferred into the selected user's account and listed as a shared folder named "SF from deleted <username>" within their own vault with full administrator privileges.

    Sharing vault data from a transferred account

    Once the vault data is listed as a shared folder, the user is assigned as an administrator, and can share the contents with other users from within their vault and/or the Admin Console.

    Troubleshooting: the Transfer Vault option is missing

    If you cannot find the Transfer Vault action, view I am a Super Admin, why can't I reset a user's master password in LastPass? for further instructions.