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How do I unlock my LastPass account?

How do I unlock my LastPass account?

    If you have attempted to log in to your LastPass account with 8 unsuccessful login attempts, you will encounter a message that your account has been temporarily suspended because of too many login attempt failures.

    This "soft lockout"period will last 5 minutes, after which time you can attempt to log in to LastPass again. If you have forgotten your master password, you can follow the steps for account recovery.

    Please note, only soft lockouts exist for LastPass – this means that you will never be permanently locked out from logging in to your personal LastPass account.

    For LastPass Business accounts

    If you have been provided a LastPass account by your employer, there may be policies enforced that have a customized maximum allowance of login attempts and/or soft lockout period that differs from a personal account. For more information, please contact your LastPass administrator.