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How do I update LastPass Workstation MFA for Windows?

    When a new version of LastPass Workstation MFA is available for Windows, LastPass admins or users (with elevated permissions) can update by downloading the latest version then running the installer over the currently installed version – no need to remove the previous version.

      Download the latest version of the installer.

      1. Log in with your email address and master password to access the new Admin Console at
      2. If prompted, complete steps for multifactor authentication (if it is enabled for your account).
      3. Go to Applications > MFA Apps.
      4. Select any entry for Windows workstations.
      5. Select Download the installer, then save the file.
        Download WMFA installer for Windows
      6. Back on the "Edit integration" screen, click Cancel.
      7. Download and extract .zip file, then run the LastPassWmfaInstaller.msi installer.
        Important: When installing from the command line in Windows, you must change the directory to the location of the MSI installer package.
      8. Select Next, then enable the license agreement and continue.
      9. Check the box for approval of the software license agreement, then select Next.
      10. Optional: Use the tree to select your desired installation location.
      11. Select Next.
      12. Your integration key and integration secret are pre-populated, and the settings you configured previously also remain as-is (i.e., Prevent login when offline, Enable MFA for RDP, Require MFA usage, and/or your selected credential providers for allowlisting).
      13. Select Next.
        Workstation MFA installer and configuration window
      14. Select Install > Yes > Finish to complete setup and close the installer window.
    Results: You have updated the Workstation MFA installer for Windows.
    What to do next: Once updated, you can distribute the MSI installer using your organization's preferred deployment methods (e.g., SCCM, InTune, CLI, etc.).
    Note: Instructions will vary, depending on your preferred distribution method.
    What to do next: If troubleshooting is ever needed, you can set up debug logging for Workstation MFA for Windows.