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Upgrade LastPass Universal Proxy to 4.x

Upgrade LastPass Universal Proxy to 4.x

    LastPass Universal Proxy V4.x is incompatible with V3.x. If you are not upgraded to the 4.x version, contact customer support. LastPass Universal Proxy V4.x uses CLS for the MFA, and thus the users from Identity must be migrated into CLS. This is achieved by using an AD connector, which must be installed before. For more information, see Set up the LastPass Active Directory Connector.To upgrade your version of the LastPass Universal Proxy software to version 4.x, you need to reinstall and reconfigure Universal Proxy.

    About this task:
    Warning: Do not reinstall Universal Proxy V3.x unless you are already enrolled and configured using V3.x. If you want to upgrade to V4.x, contact customer support.
    Important: In order to use LastPass Universal Proxy 4.x with the RADIUS protocol, an Active Directory Connector must be installed and an Active Directory must be present.

    I want to start fresh and manually reconfigure my settings

    1. Uninstall the current version of the LastPass Universal Proxy.
      Note: The uninstall process may leave files and folders in the base installation directory. Go to the base installation folder and delete all the folders and files found in it manually to do a complete clean-up.
    2. Download and install the LastPass Universal Proxy version 4.x.
    3. Configure LastPass Universal Proxy in either of the following ways:
    What to do next: It is highly recommended that you restrict access to the configuration file that has been created as a result of configuring the Universal Proxy.