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How do I upgrade to LastPass Premium from an iOS device?

    You can upgrade to LastPass Premium directly from your iOS device via the LastPass app.

    Before you purchase

    Please note the following considerations when upgrading to LastPass Premium from the LastPass app for iOS:
    • This is a purchase made directly through the Apple App Store
    • This purchase is a one-year subscription for LastPass Premium
    • Your LastPass Premium subscription is automatically set to renew every year
    • You can view or cancel your LastPass Premium subscription directly through Apple – This means that LastPass Customer Care cannot cancel or refund a LastPass Premium subscription purchased via Apple

    How to purchase on iOS

    Before you begin: You must download and install the LastPass app for iOS.
    1. Open the LastPass app for iOS.
    2. Enter your email address and master password, then tap Log In.
    3. Tap Premium from the bottom toolbar.
    4. Tap Go Premium.
      Go Premium messaging
    5. When prompted, verify your payment method, then follow the prompts on your device to complete your purchase.
    Results: You have now purchased a one-year LastPass Premium subscription through your Apple account.