How do I upgrade to LastPass Premium so I can use the Security Dashboard features?

    If you are a LastPass Free user and are interested in upgrading to LastPass Premium so you can use the Security Dashboard (including the security score and dark web monitoring features), you can do so from within your vault.

    Note: These features are also available for LastPass Families, Teams, and Business plans. Learn more about plans and pricing.
    About this task: You can upgrade to LastPass Premium from the Security Dashboard, as follows:
    1. Log in to LastPass and access the Security Dashboard by doing either of the following:
      • In your web browser toolbar, click the inactive LastPass icon inactive LastPass icon, then enter your email address and master password and click Log In. Click the active LastPass icon active LastPass icon then select Security Dashboard.
      • Go to and log in with your email address and master password. Select Security Dashboard in the left navigation.
    2. Depending on your view, choose any of the following options to upgrade:
      Location in LastPass Instructions
      Within the security score pane Upgrade in security score pane Select Upgrade to fix your passwords from the Security score pane.
      Within the dark web monitoring pane Upgrade within dark web monitoring pane

      Select Upgrade to start monitoring your email addresses from the Dark web monitoring pane.

      At the top of the Security Dashboard Upgrade message at the top of the Security Dashboard

      Select Upgrade to Premium to unlock Security Dashboard above the Security score pane.

      Result: You are redirected to the LastPass Premium purchase page.

    3. Enter all of the required information, including:
      • Your Information – First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number
      • Your Billing Information – Country, Address, City, State/Province, and Zip/Postal Code
      • Your Payment Details – Credit or Debit Card Number, Expiration Month/Year, and CVC.
    4. Click Confirm Purchase.
    Results: You have purchased a LastPass Premium subscription plan. Purchase LastPass Premium web form
    What to do next: You can now use the Security Dashboard to change at-risk passwords in your vault and/or enable dark web monitoring.