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Upload a CSV list of users in the new Admin Console

    Manually add users and admins to your LastPass Business account via the new Admin Console by uploading a CSV file for a batch import of users.

    Note: Are you seeing something different? See these instructions for the Password Manager Admin Console.
    1. Log in with your email address and master password to access the new Admin Console at
    2. If prompted, complete steps for multifactor authentication (if it is enabled for your account).
    3. Go to Users > Add Users.
    4. Choose an invitation method:
      • Stage: Add to company without sending an activation email. This sets their LastPass Status to Staged, allowing admins to further configure the account before the user can gain access.
      • Invite: Add to company and send an activation email. This sets their LastPass Status to Invited.
      • Send an activation email for passwordless login. The user's Passwordless Status is then set to Invited.
    5. Optional: To download a template CSV file, click the download icon.
    6. Click Upload CSV.
    7. Locate your file and click Open.

      Result: All the users in the CSV display.

    8. Click Add Users.
    Results: You have uploaded the CSV.