How do I use the Browser in the LastPass app for Android?

    The LastPass app for Android has a fully functioning mobile web browser within the app. This web browser can automatically launch your sites, autofill your login credentials, and can even save new login credentials when you log in for the first time. When you launch a Site from your vault, you will automatically be taken to the that Site in the LastPass Browser. You can also go directly to the web browser by selecting the LastPass Android icon in the top left corner of your vault.

    Once you have opened the Browser and navigated to a website, you can select the Options icon and be offered the following list of options to help your browsing experience:
    • AutoFill to automatically fill login credentials for the current site.
    • Show Matching Sites to display all matching site credentials.
    • Fill Forms displays a selection of form fills items that you have saved in your account to be used on the current site.
    • Save Site to save a site's username and password.
    • Share Page to share the site link via another app on your Android device.
    • Find in Page to type in specific search terms to find on the site.
    • Request Desktop/Mobile Site to load the desktop or mobile version of the site.
    • Print to save as a PDF on your device.
    • Close All Tabs to close all of the sites in the Browser.
    • Go to My Vault to easily access your vault.