How do I use the Call Me feature for the LastPass Authenticator?

    If your account is set up to use the LastPass Authenticator when you access your LastPass vault/SSO apps/websites/workstation, then you can use the "Call Me" feature to use a phone call as an alternate method of authentication.

    About the Call Me feature

    • The Call Me feature is an authentication method of the LastPass Authenticator, and is not supported as a multifactor authentication option when accessing a third-party app or website that has not been set up by a LastPass admin.
    • The phone number you set in your vault's Account Settings is not the phone number used for the Call Me feature.
    • The phone number you set on the General tab of your Account Settings is for setting up SMS account recovery, which can be used to recover your LastPass account if your master password is ever forgotten.

    How to set up

    You must complete the steps in Set Up LastPass to Use the LastPass Authenticator.

    How to use

    To receive a phone call from LastPass to authenticate via the LastPass Authenticator, do the following:
    1. Log in to LastPass by doing either of the following:
      • In your web browser toolbar, click the inactive (grey or black) LastPass icon inactive LastPass icon, then enter your email address and master password and click Log In.
      • Go to and enter your email address and master password, then click Log In.
    2. When prompted to authenticate, click Call me.
    3. A phone call is placed from LastPass to the phone number set up for your account (which you enrolled when you set up the LastPass Authenticator as your multifactor option).

      Result: When you answer the call, the automated voice states the following: "Thank you for using LastPass Authentication System. Please press the # sign key to finish your verification."

    4. When prompted, press the # key on your phone's keypad.

      Result: The automated voice states, "Your sign-in was successfully verified. Goodbye" and the call ends.

      Troubleshooting: If the automated voice states, "Your sign-in was declined. Goodbye" and the call ends, it means that you did not press the # key on your phone's keypad in time to verify. Please sign in again with your email address and master password to be prompted for authentication again.

    You have successfully authenticated using a phone call (i.e., Call Me feature) via the LastPass Authenticator, and you are signed in to your LastPass vault, SSO app/website, or workstation.