How do I use the LastPass Menu Bar options for the LastPass Mac App?

    Once you have opened and logged in to the LastPass Mac App, click on the app to bring it in focus, then navigate between the Menu Bar items to complete various tasks or manage settings, as listed below.

    From the File Menu From the Go menu From the Window Menu
    Refresh Vault to force recently made changes to be manually synced Settings to launch your Account Settings in a separate web browser window or tab (learn more) Generate Password to create a strong and secure password based on the parameters you select, then click Copy Password and paste where applicable
    Clear Cache to remove any locally stored files from your active LastPass session, and is recommended to be used when using a public computer Show Deleted Items to view sites, secure notes, or form fills you have recently deleted (learn more)  
    Lock LastPass to lock access to your vault and hide it. When relaunching the app, you will need to enter your master password or use the Touch ID Bar (if set up) to unlock it View History to view your account history, including login and event entries (learn more)  
      Manage Shared Folders to access your shared folders, if applicable (learn more)