How do I use passwordless login when my device is offline?

    If you are in a location with little to no internet connectivity, or your device is in Airplane Mode, you can still use passwordless login to sign in to your vault and/or workstation in offline mode.

    Notice: Offline mode is not supported for SSO apps because an internet connection is required for authentication via single sign-on.
    • To log in to your vault in offline mode, you will use your master password.
    • To log in to your workstation in offline mode, you will use a time-based One-Time Passcode (TOTP) or a One Time Password generated by the LastPass Authenticator app (learn about the differences).

    Log in to your vault while offline

    Access your LastPass vault using passwordless login in offline mode.

    Attention: Using passwordless login for your vault requires LastPass browser extension version 4.96 or later.
    1. On your desktop, click the inactive LastPass icon inactive LastPass icon in your web browser toolbar.
    2. Enter your email address and click Log in with Authenticator (if the password field is not shown).
    3. Enter your master password and click Log In.
    4. Select OK on the prompt confirming you are in offline mode.

      Offline mode for LastPass

    Results: You are now logged in to the LastPass browser extension in offline mode, and an active LastPass icon active LastPass icon is displayed in your toolbar.

    Log in to your workstation while offline

    Workstations can be configured by your LastPass Business admin to allow you to sign in to your workstation (using passwordless login) in offline mode.

    Note: This feature requires an account with the LastPass Business + Advanced MFA add-on. How do I upgrade my LastPass Business account with an add-on?
    Restriction: In order for you to access your workstation in offline mode, your LastPass Business must assign you to a Workstation Login policy that allows offline access.

    Follow the instructions to log in to your workstation in offline mode using a One Time Password: