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How do I manually add data from another password manager to LastPass when the other password manager doesn't support export functions?

    With the "passive import" method you are passing stored credentials from your former password manager to LastPass by navigating to each site (for which you have stored credentials), allowing your former password manager to fill in your credentials, then manually adding them to LastPass.

    Before you begin:

    Certain password managers do not support export functions, however, running LastPass side-by-side with your current password manager will allow LastPass to pick up the data through a "passive" import.

    1. Log in to your current password manager.
    2. Log in to the LastPass browser extension by doing the following:
      1. In your web browser toolbar, click the inactive LastPass icon inactive LastPass icon .
      2. Enter your email address and master password, then click Log In.

        Result: An active LastPass icon active LastPass icon is now displayed in your web browser toolbar to indicate a successful login.

    3. In the same web browser where you are logged in to LastPass, navigate to each of your stored site entries that exist in your current password manager.
    4. When your site data is filled in by your former password manager, log on to the website.
    5. Click Add when prompted by LastPass for each site to add to your LastPass vault.
    Results: You have manually added your site credentials to LastPass from your former password manager.