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View and accept a shared item

    View your shared items, items that have been shared with you or accept shared items from others in your LastPass vault.

    1. Within your LastPass vault, select Sharing Center in the left navigation.
    2. Take the desired action:
      Action in LastPass Instructions
      View shared items

      You can select either the Shared with Others or Shared with Me tab to view shared items.

      Accept a shared item
      1. Select the Shared with Me tab, and under the "Pending" section, one or more items are listed. Hover over the pending item and click Accept.
      2. By default, all accepted shared items are stored in the Sharing Center under the Shared with Me tab in the "Accepted" section. If desired, click the Edit icon and define a specific folder.
    Results: You have viewed and/or accepted your shared item.