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View my authentication history in the LastPass Authenticator app

    You can view all authentication requests that have been sent to the LastPass Authenticator app on your device, which includes accepted, rejected, and no response.

    Important: This feature is available only on Android OS.
    Before you begin: You must have at least one registered account and have been prompted for multifactor authentication in the LastPass Authenticator app.
    1. Open the LastPass Authenticator app on your mobile device.
    2. Tap Mobile Account Options icon for your desired account.
    3. Tap View authentication history to view the details of your most recent authentication activities, including the following:
      • Accepted, Rejected, or No response authentication requests
      • Date/time the authentication request was sent
      • Device OS
      • Web browser
      • IP address (from which the authentication request was sent)
      • Location

    Results: You have viewed your authentication history for the LastPass Authenticator app on your device.