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How does LastPass support accessibility?

    LastPass enables keyboard navigation, compatible for screen readers, when using both the vault, including the left menu and vault items, and the web browser extension. Autofill and generate a password for sites via the extension menu without the use of a mouse.

    These accessibility features are compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge Chromium web browsers.

    Use the following keys to navigate:
    Note: The keyboard navigation always starts in the upper left.
    Move forward
    Shift + Tab
    Move backward or up and left in your vault
    Space bar
    Opens a link or other actionable item in your vault
    Enter key
    Opens a link or other actionable item in the extension menu
    Arrow keys
    Move left, right, up, and down in your vault and extension menu
    Region navigation available for screen readers
    The following areas are not supported with the keyboard functionality at this time:
    • Account Settings
    • Shared Folders
    • Security Dashboard
    • In-field icon menu