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How to Add LastPass Business Users

    You can add an unlimited number of new users to your LastPass Business account either manually or using an automated provisioning service. Each active user must have a license.

    Note: Are you seeing something different? Learn how to navigate in the new Admin Console.

    Step #1: Determine your provisioning method

    First, let's determine which provisioning option works best for you so that you can comfortably create and manage your LastPass Business users.

    If you...

    • Use Active Directory within your organization
    • Use an LDAP server within your environment
    • Have a Premium tier subscription to Microsoft Azure Active Directory
    • Have an Okta provisioning subscription
    • Have an active OneLogin provisioning subscription

    Then we recommend that you use one of the automated provisioning services provided by LastPass.

    If none of the above applies to you, and instead you want to add users manually by...

    • Adding each user individually
    • Adding a bulk list of users (separated by a comma)
    • Batch uploading a CSV file containing a list of users

    Then we recommend that you add users manually via the new Admin Console.

    Step #2: Set up Welcome email templates (optional)

    By default, new users will receive our standard Welcome email. If desired, you can set up a customized Welcome email for new users that are added to your account.

    Step #4: Manage user settings

    When adding users programmatically using an automated provisioning service, there are options to configure user settings when the user's LastPass account is created.

    If you added users manually, you can view and manage various settings for each in the new Admin Console, including the ability to make them an admin, requiring a master password change, logging them out of all active sessions, and much more.