I am locked out because I can't disable Multifactor Authentication for LastPass

    If your phone number has changed or the mobile device you used for authentication is lost, you should immediately disable Multifactor Authentication for your device (via email) so that you can log in and access your LastPass account.

    Attention: The LastPass Authenticator app cannot be disabled via email. To access your account, you can use SMS account recovery to log in, then disable multifactor authentication for your device. If SMS recovery had not previously been set up, please contactLastPass Support by navigating directly to this article and selecting a contact option at the bottom.

    However, if you are a LastPass user whose company set up an account for you (i.e., LastPass Teams or LastPass Business account), your account may have policies enforced that prevent disabling Multifactor Authentication via email and/or require Multifactor Authentication in order for you to access your LastPass account. This means that you must contact your LastPass admin to assist with temporarily excluding you from these policies (so that you can log in to your account), then re-enable the policies for you once again.

    If this sounds like your situation, you can contact your LastPass admin and provide them a link to Instructions for LastPass admins.