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I am locked out of my email account and need to reset my master password, what should I do?

    You must contact your email service provider and work with them directly to regain access to your email account, then you can proceed with account recovery for LastPass.

    If you have forgotten your master password and need to reset it, one of the account recovery methods is using a Recovery One Time Password, which involves sending a master password reset link to your LastPass security email address (or account email address, if you have not set up a security email address). If you are unable to access the inbox where LastPass would send an account recovery link, please work directly with your email account provider to regain access, then attempt to recover your LastPass account once again.

    Please note that if you had previously set up mobile account recovery, you can use the LastPass app for iOS or Android to reset your master password (even if you do not have access to your account email). Learn how to reset your master password using mobile account recovery on iOS or Android.