I am locked out of my LastPass account because I can't use passwordless login, what should I do?

    There are a few things you can try if you are unable to use passwordless login to log in to SSO apps and/or workstations.

    Fastpath: Are you trying to disable passwordless login for your vault? View these instructions instead.
    Notice: Passwordless login for SSO apps and workstations requires an account with the LastPass Business + Advanced MFA add-on, whereas passwordless login for your vault is available for all account types and does not require activation.
    • If you are unable to use biometric options for passwordless login and forgot your PIN Code, you can reinstall the LastPass Authenticator app, then re-register passwordless login for your LastPass account on your device by contacting your LastPass Business admin to send you a new one, or sending yourself a new registration email).
      Restriction: If you have a LastPass Teams or LastPass Business account, the ability to perform these actions may be limited or prohibited due to policies enabled by your LastPass admin.
    • If you forgot your LastPass email address, please contact your LastPass Business admin for assistance.
    • If you received a notification that your Location Services are off and you are unable to use the LastPass Authenticator app to log into your accounts, follow these instructions to turn on Location Services for your iOS or Android device.