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I can't find my activation email for passwordless login, what should I do?

    If you're unable to locate your activation email for using passwordless login to log in to SSO apps and/or workstations, you can send yourself an activation email or contact your LastPass admin to send you another one.

    Fastpath: Are you trying to set up passwordless login for your vault? No activation needed! View these instructions instead.
    Notice: Passwordless login for SSO apps and workstations requires an account with the LastPass Business + Advanced MFA add-on, whereas passwordless login for your vault is available for all account types and does not require activation.

    Resend from the activation portal

    These instructions are for users who have never activated passwordless login to access their assigned SSO apps and/or workstations.

    Restriction: If you have a LastPass Teams or LastPass Business account, the ability to perform these actions may be limited or prohibited due to policies enabled by your LastPass admin.
    1. Navigate to
    2. Enter your LastPass account email address, then select Log In.
      Passwordless login options
    3. Click Send activation email.

      Troubleshooting: If you see a message, "Passwordless policy is not enabled" during sign-in, contact your LastPass Business admin to request that you be assigned to the SSO app or workstation so you can use passwordless login.

    Results: A new activation email for passwordless login is sent to your inbox.

    Resend from the web vault login page

    These instructions are for users who have already activated passwordless login for their LastPass account.

    1. Navigate to
    2. Select Having trouble logging in?
      Passwordless login options
    3. Enter your email address, then select Next.
    4. When prompted to select an issue that best describes the problem, choose one of the following options:
      • My phone is lost or stolen
      • My phone is temporarily unavailable
      • I have a new phone
    5. Once you have selected your issue, do one of the following:
      Available options Instructions
      Send me a recovery email
      1. You are automatically sent a passwordless login activation email to pair your LastPass account with your mobile device.
        Warning: If you selected My phone is lost or stolen or I have a new phone, please be aware that you will block access and delete all of your passwordless login data from your previous device when you click Start Registration within the email.
      2. Check your inbox and when ready, click Start Registration or Activate LastPass MFA.
      3. Download the LastPass Authenticator app on your device.
      4. Tap the Add Account icon in the mobile app.
      5. Back on your desktop, scan the QR code from the activation email to pair your device.
      Please contact your LastPass administrator Contact your LastPass admin for further assistance in sending you another activation email.

    Resend from logging in to an SSO app

    These instructions are for users who have already activated passwordless login for their LastPass account.

    • If you know of an app or website for which you use passwordless login when you log in, navigate to that app or site and log in with your existing credentials. You'll then be prompted to enter your account email address so you can send yourself a passwordless login activation email.

    Contact your LastPass admin

    These instructions are for users who have already activated passwordless login for their LastPass account.