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I do not know my master password – how do I delete my account?

    You can delete your LastPass account from the Delete Your Account page if you do not know your master password.

    Before you begin: Please review the information in How do I delete my LastPass account? before proceeding.
    About this task: To delete your LastPass account, do the following:
    1. Open a web browser and go to
    2. Select Delete.
    3. When prompted, click No to indicate that you do not know your master password.
    4. Enter your account email address, then click Send Email.
    5. Check your inbox and click the link within the email from LastPass to confirm that you want to continue with your account deletion.

      Result: You are redirected to the "Delete Your Account" page.

    6. If desired, provide the reason you are deleting your account and/or feedback.
    7. Click Delete.
    8. When prompted, click Yes > Yes > OK.
    Results: You have permanently deleted your LastPass account.
    What to do next: