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I started a LastPass business account with my personal account instead of my work account, how do I fix this?

    If you signed up for LastPass using your company email address on a personal account but have now been invited to join your company's LastPass Teams or LastPass Business account, you can migrate your data to the new business account.

    1. Add your user account to your business account (learn how here)
    2. Enable your user account to be an admin account (learn how here)
    3. Remove your personal account from your business account (learn how here
    4. Link your personal account to your business account (learn how here)
    What to do next:

    Once linked, you can access all of the stored data in your personal account but keep it completely separate from your business account – that is, your business account can never view or generate reports for the data that is stored in your personal account.

    If there are stored passwords in your personal account that you wish to move completely from your personal account to your business account, please see How do I migrate data between accounts? for more information.