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Install Workstation MFA for Windows on a single workstation

    Using the GUI installation method, install Workstation MFA on a single Windows workstation.

      Run the installer.

      1. Download and extract .zip file, then run the LastPassWmfaInstaller.msi installer.
        Important: When installing from the command line in Windows, you must change the directory to the location of the MSI installer package.
      2. Select Next, then enable the license agreement and continue.
      3. Check the box for approval of the software license agreement, then select Next.
      4. Optional: Use the tree to select your desired installation location.
      5. Select Next.
      6. Paste the integration key (that you copied in Step #9 in the previous article).
      7. Paste the integration secret (that you copied from Step #10 in the previous article).
      8. Optional: By default, the Prevent login when offline setting is enabled, which prevents the user from logging in to the workstation when no internet connection is present (i.e., in offline mode). If desired, uncheck the box for this setting if you want to allow access in offline mode (and thereby skip MFA prompts when the workstation is offline).
        Note: For maximum security, this setting is enabled by default because it prevents the user from skipping MFA when their workstation is offline.

      Configure the RDP setting.

      1. Optional: If desired, enable the Enable MFA for RDP setting, which will allow users to connect to their Windows workstations via RDP then authenticate using the LastPass Authenticator app (or YubiKey via the LastPass Authenticator app) for verification.

      Configure the credential provider allowlist.

      1. Before proceeding, review this important note:
        Attention: The Workstation MFA installer automatically disables all other credential providers (other than itself) for the machine. This setting should only be configured if you want to specifically allow another credential provider to be used (e.g., a Smart Card reader).
      2. Optional: If desired, select additional credential providers by doing the following:
        1. Enable the Require MFA setting.
        2. Select Edit allowlist.
        3. Select your desired credential providers from the provided list. If your provider is not listed, select Add other credential provider, then enter the Class ID (CLSID) of your desired credential provider and select Add.
        4. When finished, select Save.
        Configure credential providers

      Finalize the configuration.

      1. Select Next.
        Workstation MFA installer and configuration window
      2. Select Install > Yes > Finish to complete setup and close the installer window.

      Set up debug logging for troubleshooting.

      1. Optional: If troubleshooting is ever needed, you can set up debug logging for Workstation MFA for Windows.
    Results: Setup is complete! You have installed Workstation MFA for Windows with your desired configurations using the GUI installation method for a single workstation.
    What to do next: You can send your end users the following instructions: