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Is LastPass supported on Chromium-based Microsoft Edge?

Is LastPass supported on Chromium-based Microsoft Edge?

    LastPass is supported on Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.

    The LastPass browser extension for Microsoft Edge is available on our LastPass downloads page.

    As a general user, how do I get the new Microsoft Edge?

    If you don't already have the new Microsoft Edge installed, you can either wait for it to be released via Windows update, or manually install it on your own.

    As an IT administrator, how do I get the new Microsoft Edge for distribution?

    You can download an offline deployment package to pilot within your corporate environment – the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge version will not automatically deploy for commercial customers. Additionally, none of the Microsoft Edge preview channels will update to the new Microsoft Edge, as they can be used side-by-side for testing and validation.

    Can I still use LastPass on the previous version of Microsoft Edge?

    No – only the Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge is supported. Please see LastPass for Microsoft Edge Legacy (no longer supported) for details.