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LastPass Admin Toolkit: Using Single Sign-On (SSO)

    LastPass SSO apps are common online tools used within a company for which a LastPass Business admin has set up a single sign-on integration. This allows users to sign in to LastPass and launch any of their web apps without having to re-enter their credentials for those apps. This reduces the number of credentials that end users need to manage in order to access their cloud applications, and provides a simplified provisioning and deprovisioning experience for LastPass admins.

    LastPass Admins – Overview of SSO

    • Video Overview – Watch this video for a high-level overview of configuring and using single sign-on in LastPass.
    • Single Sign-On App Catalog – Explore our catalog of over 1,200 pre-integrated SSO applications for which LastPass provides access.

    LastPass Admins – Getting Started with SSO

    • LastPass SSO Master Class – View this course to receive training on how to get started with password management and single sign-on.
    • Adding SSO Apps – Learn how to add SSO apps within LastPass, as well as manage app settings and assign users.
    • Deleting SSO Apps – Learn how to remove any SSO apps that you no longer need in LastPass.
    • SSO App Integrations – View step-by-step instructions for adding any of the 1,200+ pre-integrated SSO apps.
    • Managing SSO Apps – Learn how to manage SSO app settings and assign users.
    • Managing Groups for SSO Apps – Learn how to create groups for SSO app assignment. Any changes made to groups in any of the LastPass Admin Consoles will retroactively reflect across all admin environments that are available for your account.

    LastPass End User Experience with SSO