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LastPass Credit Monitoring and Premium Credit Monitoring FAQs

LastPass Credit Monitoring and Premium Credit Monitoring FAQs

    View frequently asked questions about LastPass Credit Monitoring and LastPass Premium Credit Monitoring services.

    What triggers a Credit Monitoring Alert?

    • A change in your personal information. These types of changes are most commonly caused by a change of address or a new address record in your name.
    • A change in information that could impact your credit score. These types of alerts include new accounts opened in your name, over-limit credit cards, delinquent accounts, bankruptcies, and more.

    LastPass Credit Monitoring protects you by continuously monitoring for any signs of potential credit tampering or changes in the above information, including the following:

    • A change of address
    • A change of personal account information
    • Opening of a new account
    • Closing of an existing account
    • Reporting of a delinquent account (30 days late, 60 days late, 90 days late, 120 days late)
    • Your credit card limit is exceeded
    • Your credit card is reported lost or stolen
    • Notification of suspected fraud
    • Indications that your credit has been frozen
    • Credit inquiries
    • A judgment or suit
    • A new public record
    • A new collection notice

    How will I be notified of changes to my Credit Report?

    When LastPass detects a change that negatively impacts your credit rating, the LastPass browser extension will display a pop-up alert that you can click on to obtain more information. You will also be sent an email notifying you of the change. You can also view all credit monitoring alerts by logging in to your LastPass vault and navigating to Advanced OptionsCredit monitoring.

    What do I do when I receive a Credit Monitoring alert?

    When you receive an alert, you need to find out what type of activity triggered the alert, determine whether or not that activity is fraudulent, and take action to remove any fraudulent items from your report.

    The LastPass Credit Monitoring alerts only notify you of a change, so the user must investigate further on their own.

    The LastPass Premium Credit Monitoring service provides more in-depth information on what changed in the user’s credit report, and how the user can investigate and resolve the change.

    Can I refresh my Credit Monitoring data?

    Subscribers to the LastPass Premium Credit Monitoring service can use the “Refresh Credit Reports” link in the Overview page of their credit monitoring dashboard to re-pull their credit data every 30 days. If it has been less than 30 days since the last refresh, the link will disappear. Once clicked, you will see a message that the “Credit Report & Scores Refresh has been submitted. Your new credit data will be available in 24 hours.”

    Restriction: This feature is only available for the LastPass Premium Credit Monitoring service.

    Do I get a Free Credit Report?

    To receive your free annual credit report, as mandated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), we recommend you do so via , the service recommended by the FTC.

    The LastPass Credit Monitoring service only alerts you to the fact that a change has occurred, but does not provide in-depth information on what changed and how to resolve the change, nor does it provide your free annual credit report.

    The LastPass Premium Credit Monitoring does provide continual access to your credit scores, as well as detailed information on changes that have been made to your credit report. If you prefer not to request your free annual credit report, or want access to up-to-date information, you may want to consider upgrading to LastPass Premium Credit Monitoring.

    What information is used for the Credit Monitoring services, and is it safe?

    In order to enable credit monitoring in your LastPass account, you must create a Credit Monitoring Profile with your first name, last name, full address, Social Security number, phone number and birth date. The data is securely transferred via SSL to TransUnion® for the LastPass Credit Monitoring service (and to all three credit bureaus for the LastPass Free Credit Monitoring service) to monitor your personal information across thousands of databases, actively seeking evidence of fraud or identity theft on your behalf.

    The full Terms and Conditions for LastPass Credit Monitoring can be found here , and the Privacy Agreement can be found here.

    Where is LastPass Credit Monitoring available?

    Credit Monitoring is currently only available in the United States.

    Where do I direct further questions?

    For our US-based users who have general questions about LastPass Credit Monitoring, our LastPass Support team is available at 1-800-830-6680 to address your questions and comments, Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Eastern).
    Note: This phone number can only used for LastPass Credit Monitoring questions.

    If you need additional assistance, pleasecontact LastPass Support by selecting Contact Support within this article.