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LastPass Families as a Benefit – FAQs for Admins

    As an LastPass admin, please review the most frequently asked questions below about Families as a Benefit.

    What is LastPass Families as a Benefit?

    If your company has a LastPass Business account, a complimentary LastPass Families account is included, which is a personal LastPass account granted to all users (employees and admins) that also includes five (5) additional LastPass licenses. These additional licenses can be granted to individuals closest to you and your employees – family, friends, anyone you care about – so they can also use LastPass to keep their digital lives safe.

    As a LastPass admin, will I have Families as a Benefit too?

    Yes – all new and existing LastPass Business account holders, including LastPass admins, are able to claim their free personal LastPass Families account. Learn how to claim your Families as a Benefit offer.

    How can I promote Families as a Benefit to my employees?

    We’ve created a Using LastPass Families as a Benefit flyer that you can share with your employees via Benefits packets and/or include within your company's general employee resources. All employees (and admins) with a LastPass Business account can claim their Families as a Benefit offer anytime.

    Is there admin reporting for Families as a Benefit?

    At this time, there is no reporting available to LastPass admins for Families as a Benefit.

    Can users claim Families as a Benefit without linking a personal account?

    Yes – Families as a Benefit can be claimed without the user having to link a personal account.

    Can users link a personal account without claiming Families as a Benefit?

    It depends on whether your organization allows users to claim Families as a Benefit.

    If Families as a Benefit is enabled (i.e., the "Prohibit Families as a Benefit" policy is disabled and users can claim Families as a Benefit), then LastPass requires an end user to claim their Families as a Benefit account before they can link a personal account. This will require a Premium account holder to claim Families as a Benefit before linking their personal account.
    Note: If your users had previously linked a personal account before Families as a Benefit became available to them, then their personal account may have become unlinked. If so, they can re-link their personal account after claiming Families as a Benefit.

    However, if Families as a Benefit is disabled (i.e., the "Prohibit Families as a Benefit" policy is enabled and users cannot claim Families as a Benefit), then end users will still be able to link a personal account (as long as the "Prohibit linked personal account" policy is not enabled).

    How can I prevent employees from sharing company data with their personal vaults?

    As a best security and privacy practice, LastPass admins can enforce any of the following restrictive policies:
    • Prohibit shared folders outside organization – This policy will prohibit users from sharing shared folders with anyone outside of your LastPass Business account except for users at permitted domains.
    • Prohibit sharing except shared folders – This policy only allows sharing via the shared folders feature, which can be limited to internal sharing within your LastPass Business account (i.e., by also enforcing the "Prohibit shared folders outside organization" policy). This removes the option to share an individual item (as shared items must be in shared folders) and provides better accountability for sharing within your organization.

    To enforce any of these policies, please see How do I manage general policies in the new Admin Console?

    What happens if an employee is terminated or leaves the company?

    Shortly after an employee is de-provisioned and separates from an organization, they will be prompted to purchase their own LastPass Families account by entering their own personal payment information. If they choose not to purchase a LastPass Families account, all designated "family member" accounts (including their own) will be converted to LastPass Free accounts without the risk of any data loss.
    Important: Employees will never lose any of their stored vault items if they convert to a LastPass Free account. However, LastPass Free accounts only allow them to access LastPass from one device type (i.e., either all computers or all mobile devices). Learn more about LastPass Free.

    Where should Families as a Benefit users go if they need support from LastPass?

    If your employees and/or their "family members" they invited need assistance with their LastPass Families account (enabled via the Families as a Benefit offer), there are various resources available.

    The Families as a Benefit offer provides "Personal" level support for its LastPass Families users. This includes access to the 24/7 LastPass Support Center (which offers various self-help articles, videos, and additional resources) as well as access to the LastPass Community (for crowd-sourced support, which is monitored by LastPass Specialists).

    If additional assistance is needed, these LastPass Families users (both employees and the "family members" they invited to join their account) can submit a case via our 24/7 Support Center to contact LastPass Support. You can also learn more about the levels of customer support that LastPass offers.

    Note: If your employees need to contact LastPass Support, please be sure they are logged in to the appropriate LastPass account for which they need support (i.e., LastPass Business or their separate LastPass Families account) when they submit a case via our 24/7 Support Center.

    What if I do not want Families as a Benefit for my employees?

    You can configure a general policy within the new Admin Console called "Prohibit Families as a Benefit" to prevent your employees from claiming the Families as a Benefit offer.

    If I enable the policy to prohibit Families as a Benefit, what can employees expect to happen?

    If you have enabled the "Prohibit Families as a Benefit" policy after employees have already claimed it, those employees will not lose access to Families as a Benefit; they will continue to keep their access, and can remove it at any time.
    Note: If your employee removes Families as a Benefit after the policy restriction is enforced, they will not be able to reclaim it (unless you remove them from the policy).
    Employees added to the company account after the policy is enforced will see the "Account Benefits" menu item in the left navigation of their vault if you allow them to link a personal account.
    Tip: If you wish to also prohibit personal account linking, you can configure a general policy called "Prohibit linked personal account" in the new Admin Console.