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LastPass for iOS Autofill Overview

    LastPass supports two autofill integrations – in iOS settings and in the Safari mobile browser extension – both offering different key benefits. To take advantage of the full autofill experience, it is recommended that you enable both integrations for the LastPass app for iOS.

    The LastPass app for iOS allows you to access and manage your sensitive information while on-the-go, including passwords and credit cards. Once the app is installed, you have access to all your stored data in your LastPass vault, with the ability to save and copy your login credentials manually from the LastPass app into apps and websites on your device. Fortunately, the autofill feature has made copying-and-pasting a thing of the past.

    LastPass can simplify your digital life with the full autofill experience in iOS if you enable both autofill integrations:
    • Enable LastPass in iOS autofill settings, which allows LastPass to fill login credentials only into any app or mobile web browser.
    • Enable LastPass in the iOS Safari extension, which allows LastPass to fill login credentials and non-password items (form fill data such as addresses and payment card info) directly into websites launched in the Safari mobile web browser. Additionally, this integration will offer to save login credentials to your vault, generate secure passwords, and much more.

    Once both are enabled, you can save and fill your stored vault data from LastPass – including login credentials, addresses, payment cards, and much more – into apps and websites while you’re on-the-go.

    Review the table below to understand the autofill experience when using the LastPass app for iOS with individual autofill integrations enabled vs. both integrations enabled for the full experience.
    LastPass app for iOS + autofill integration Fill vault items via copy & paste Automatically fill login credentials in apps Automatically fill login credentials in mobile browsers Fill non-password items in apps Fill non-password items in mobile browsers Automatically save login credentials and non-password items
    App with autofill disabled (no integrations)
    App with iOS autofill
    App with iOS Safari extension Safari only Safari only Safari only Safari only
    App with both integrations Safari only Safari only Safari only