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LastPass Legal Entity and Invoicing Change FAQs

    Review important information about LastPass' legal entity and invoicing changes below.

    In December 2021, we announced our intention to establish LastPass as a standalone company. While the work required to fully separate LastPass' operations from GoTo continues, starting on August 1, 2022, LastPass customers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia will begin to be billed and invoiced from a LastPass-branded entity.

    Customers in all other countries where LastPass is available are already billing through a LastPass-branded entity today and will experience no changes.

    About Billing and Contracts

    Who am I contracting with after August 1, 2022?

    Beginning August 1, 2022, all new LastPass customers and users will contract directly with the applicable LastPass contracting entity. LastPass sales team members will be able to support customers with any existing quotes that may already be in progress at the time this change takes effect.

    Existing LastPass customers will begin contracting directly with LastPass when their current contract term is renewed. There will be no change to their current LastPass contract until that time.

    Will there be any immediate changes to my LastPass account or services?

    No – LastPass users will continue to receive the same great LastPass product, now with even more focus on helping you keep your data safe.

    What will I see on my credit card statement after August 1, 2022?

    LastPass billing transactions will show up as '' on credit card or bank statements after August 1, 2022. Prior to this change, LastPass charges showed as 'GoToCom*LastPass'.

    What actions will LastPass customers need to take?

    Customers may need to adjust systems they use to manage vendor information and/or payment details. You can use the W-9 form here.

    Additional LastPass vendor details by country can be accessed with the links below:

    Does this change impact my current payment method options with LastPass?

    LastPass customers will still have access to the same payment methods following this change, however, information such as company name, lockbox information, and banking details have changed.

    • Invoices will now be sent from the email
    • Invoices under a certain threshold amount will also have the option to pay by a secure link if you wish to pay by credit card
    See below for LastPass vendor details by country:

    General Information

    What does it mean for me (as a customer) for LastPass to be a standalone company?

    We believe that establishing LastPass as a standalone company will allow our teams to better focus our efforts and resources on delivering the best possible LastPass customer experience, continuing LastPass' category-leading approach to making it simple for customers of all sizes to create, use, share, and secure passwords.

    Will there be any change to my points of contact at LastPass?

    No, customers should experience no changes to their points of contact. Customers will continue to be supported by the same sales representative(s) and can continue to contact our LastPass Support team through

    What impact does this change have on LastPass' security certifications?

    This change will not have any impact on LastPass' product security, certifications, or infrastructure. LastPass will continue to maintain the same technical and organizational measures and controls as were used immediately prior to the entity change, and will continue to utilize the same zero-knowledge security framework trusted by millions of registered users to organize and protect their online lives. For more information about LastPass' privacy and security programs, please visit our LastPass Legal Center.