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Log in to LastPass using the LastPass app for iOS or Android

    1. Open the LastPass app for iOS or Android.
    2. Enter your company login username/email address but do not enter your password.
    3. Tap Log In to continue the login process.

      Result: You are redirected to your company's federated login page.

    4. Proceed to log in by doing one of the following:
      • For AD FS and PingFederate federated login users – Enter your DOMAIN\username (for example, LASTPASS\testuser) and password, then tap Sign in.
      • For Azure AD, Okta, Google Workspace, or PingOne federated login users – The LastPass username submitted previously will repopulate on the company's federated login page.
        Troubleshooting: If you need to enter a different company account to sign in as a federated user, tap Sign in with another account, then enter your desired account credentials and tap Sign in.
    5. Return to the mobile app.
    Results: You are automatically logged in to your LastPass vault.
    What to do next: Learn more about using the LastPass app for iOS or Android.