Manage Your Vault Identities

    If you store a lot of items in LastPass, your vault may get a bit crowded and become difficult to easily find the items you need. To solve this problem, you can create mini-vaults, called identities, where the items in a given identity are all similar.

    Restriction: This feature is not available for LastPass Free users. Learn more about features included in our pricing plans.

    For better organization, a typical use of identities is to create one for work and one for home. While at work, enable your Work identity to view and access work-related sites and items. When you get home, switch to your Home identity to view and access personal sites and items (e.g., shopping, entertainment, classes, memberships, etc.).


    If most of your sites fall into the categories of shopping, vacation, and entertainment, you could create three (3) identities that each contain the appropriate sites and items:
    • The shopping identity could contain shopping sites, payment cards, discount codes, etc.
    • The vacation identity could contain vacation sites, driver's license, passport, medical information, etc.
    • The entertainment identity could contain sites for streaming television, gym membership, movie theater membership, etc.

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