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Why has my LastPass extension disappeared or become corrupted?

    If you have installed the LastPass browser extension and are encountering issues with it suddenly disappearing or becoming corrupted, please review the troubleshooting steps below (based on the web browser you are using).

    If the extension has disappeared

    If your LastPass browser extension is suddenly missing, it may still be installed but was hidden from your toolbar menu. You can change your toolbar settings to show the LastPass browser extension again.

    If the extension has been corrupted

    If you check your extensions and see a message that indicates the LastPass extension has been corrupted, it may be due to a recent version update of your web browser. To resolve this issue, you will need to uninstall your current version of the LastPass browser extension, then reinstall.

    1. Remove the LastPass extension from your web browser's extensions list, then add it back again from the extension store:
    2. Once the extension has been added again, log in to LastPass with your email address and master password and continue using LastPass as usual.