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New Admin Console Continuous Improvements

    The most used, major feature functionalities of the legacy console were launched into the new console in October 2020. Since then, the LastPass team has been hard at work to develop major improvements to user management, based on feedback from admins like you, continuously migrating features/pages, improving others, and building new capabilities. LastPass has taken a slow migration approach to ensure Admins are ready to transition and have had time to learn the new admin console before retiring the legacy console altogether.

    The following table outlines which features are available and which feature will launch in the near future.
    Available Now Coming Soon
    User details and actions Managed Companies: PSA Integration
    Groups Set Initial Password
    Admin Levels Active Directory Attributes
    Custom Admin Equivalent Domains
    User Provisioning Password Apps
    Shared Folders Email Notifications
    Federated Login Custom Email Templates
    Managed Companies page Company Profile page
    Advanced Options (excluding items below)  
    General Policies  
    Multifactor Policies  
    Adoption Dashboard  
    Passwordless Policies  
    SSO Apps  
    MFA Apps  
    Passwordless Apps  
    Take action on groups  
    Helpdesk Admin  

    When will the old console retire?

    Once 100% feature parity has been obtained, all companies will default to the new console permanently. The old console will remain available for a limited time and then be removed.