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New LastPass Experience Admin FAQs

    The new LastPass user experience is here! This updated look and structure gives you easy access to your digital life so you can store, fill, and share a wider variety of information faster than ever. With the new LastPass, you’ll be more productive – and more in control.

    What are the biggest changes to the new user experience?

    With this new user experience, all of your form fill profiles and secure notes are now grouped as specific form fill items in your vault and LastPass web browser extension menu, whereas previously all of these items were stored as a single, separate entries. For example, if you had a form fill profile that stored your company address and company credit card – these will now be stored as two separate form fill items (as Addresses and Payment Cards, respectively).

    Additionally, all entries for form fill item and secure note types are grouped together (e.g., all bank account entries are grouped under Bank Accounts, all address entries are grouped under Addresses, etc.). This provides a more granular organization of your stored items. This also allows you to automatically fill secure note data, which was previously not supported.

    You can learn how to manage your form fills in the new user experience, or view our blog post for more information.

    Figure 1. New User Experience - LastPass Vault

    Figure 2. Previous User Experience - LastPass Vault

    Where are the form fills and secure notes?

    In the previous user experience, form fill profiles and secure notes saved relevant information like address, payment cards, phone number, and more altogether as one single form fill item or secure note. In the new user experience, the values within these form fill profiles and secure notes have been split up as individual item entries and grouped into relevant categories. By allowing users to fill in individual items (like a payment card or address), filling forms will be more accurate and efficient. For example, if a user is checking out of a shopping site and wants to send a package to their office address, they can autofill payment information with their personal payment card, then autofill the address of their office using two separate vault entries. Additionally, you can now autofill secure note data, which previously was not supported.

    When will my organization get the new user experience?

    All LastPass business account admins will receive an email two weeks prior to the rollout of the new user experience for their organization. We are starting our phased rollout beginning April 2020 and it will continue over the course of the next few months.

    Will the new user experience be seen by my end users?

    Yes, the whole organization will be moved over to new user experience two weeks after the LastPass account admin receives the notification email informing them of the migration.

    Can I switch back to the previous user experience if needed?

    No. Once your business account is enabled to use the new user experience, you are unable to switch back to the previous experience. Additionally, these changes only affect the end user experience – this means there is no admin functionality that is affected.

    What will my end users see when they first log in with this new experience?

    If a user has items that are converted and stored differently in the new user experience (e.g., a form fill item containing payment card information now becomes a Payment Card item), they will get a notification about the new experience and have to finish the update in order to accept the changes to their form fill items. If they skip for now, they will be reminded frequently that they need to accept the changes in order to use their form fill items in the new user experience. Once finished, they will be taken on a brief tour of the new features. If the user does not have form fill items stored, they will immediately see the new experience and get a brief tour of the new vault.

    Is this migration being rolled out to all web browsers?

    Yes. This migration experience for users with form fills and secure notes varies only slightly, depending on which device or web browser you are using.

    What is the new user experience for each web browser?

    • On Chrome and Firefox extensions, users will be actively migrated to the new experience, and all new functionality will be available.
    • For Edge and Safari extensions, users will need to log in to the online web vault, or use the Chrome or Firefox extensions to migrate to the new user experience. Once they do this, users will have the new user interface the next time they log in to LastPass using Edge or Safari.
    • For LastPass on mobile devices, users will need to log in to their online web vault, or log in with the Chrome or Firefox extensions.
    Note: These migration steps cannot be performed from a mobile device.

    What happens if my end users skip the update for now?

    Note: Your users will not be able to access their form fill data without completing the update.

    However, they will still be able to access and use all other features of LastPass.

    If your users select Skip for now, they can still finish the update from the following locations:

    Figure 3. LastPass Vault Banner

    Figure 4. LastPass Browser Extension Menu

    Figure 5. LastPass Vault Category Menu

    What if my users don't see their data in the new categories?

    If your users still cannot find their data, they may still need to complete the update. Please ask your users to follow these instructions.

    How long will it take to migrate my users' form fills and secure notes?

    Once your users have agreed to move their form fills and secure notes to the new user experience, it can take either a few seconds or up to a few minutes, depending on the amount of those items that they have in their vaults.

    Will any data be lost when my users migrate to the new experience?

    No. All of their LastPass vault data will be preserved. The only change that they will notice is that the values within their form fill profiles and secure notes (from the previous experience) have now been split up as individual item entries and grouped into relevant categories in the new user experience. If they do not see form fill or secure note data, please be sure they have completed the migration (as described above).

    Will this migration affect sharing?

    No. All information that was previous shared with others will remain shared.

    Will any admin functionality be impacted by the new user experience?

    No. These changes only impact the user interface, and include design changes of the LastPass vault, web browser extension, and in-field icon functionality. There will be no changes to the Admin Console or settings.

    As an admin, can I prevent users from saving their personal information (addresses, driver's license numbers, payment cards) to their vault?

    Yes. You can add and enforce the "Disable Form Fillable Items" policy for your business account, which prevents your users from saving non-password items to their vaults. Learn how to add and manage policies in the Admin Console.

    What should I tell my end users to prepare for this change?

    Thankfully, this migration should be very intuitive and easy for end users, as it guides them through step-by-step to the new user experience and provides them with a tour of their vault.

    However, we do recommend that you inform your end users about these upcoming changes and direct them to the New LastPass Experience User FAQs for more information.

    Additionally, you can customize and use the email template below to send to your end users:

    Hello everyone,

    As you know, our organization uses LastPass to help manage your passwords and help you log in more easily to all of your websites and applications.

    In the next two weeks, you will see a new look and feel when you log in to your LastPass vault or use the LastPass browser extension. LastPass has updated their user interface (UI) to make it easier to use.

    Everything you need to know about the new user experience can be found in the New LastPass Experience User FAQs.

    What actions do I need to take?

    When you log in to LastPass for the first time with the new user experience, you will be given a tour of your vault that will highlight the new features. For most users, no further action is required. However, depending on the data stored, you may be asked to complete the migration when you access your vault. To do so, click Finish the Update, which will move your form fill and secure note data to the new user interface.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.