No Recovery One-Time Password was found

No Recovery One-Time Password was found


    A Recovery One-Time Password for the web browser you are using could not be found during account recovery at


    There are a few different things you can try, depending on the device you are using:
    • Desktop computer – To check if one of your web browsers has a Recovery One-Time Password stored, navigate to from each web browser and machine where you have the LastPass web browser extension installed.
      • If a Recovery One-Time Password is recognized when prompted if you want to use a one time password to recover your account, click Yes, and you will be sent a link via email from LastPass that will allow you to reset your master password.
      • If there are no Recovery One-Time Passwords are recognized, you can follow the steps to revert to a previous Master Password.
    • Mobile device – If you had previously set up mobile account recovery, you can use stored biometrics to verify your identity and reset your master password. Learn how to use mobile account recovery for iOS or Android.