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Onboarding Experience for LastPass Business Users

    LastPass Business users are invited to complete a series of tasks as part of their onboarding to LastPass. After completion of the tasks, users are expected to have gained some familiarity with key features of the product. The onboarding flow is governed by a policy in the new Admin Console.

    About the user experience

    Users can access the starter kit from their vault anytime via the user account drop-down menu in the upper-right toolbar of their vault, then select Starter Kit.

    The starter kit is shown for a period of 30 days after their first login to LastPass, and automatically gets hidden from users whose first login was more than 30 days ago.

    Starter kit in vault

    The onboarding flow for LastPass Business users consists of five tasks that the user has to complete before being rewarded. Tasks are presented to the user as a starter kit and comprise the following:

    • Add LastPass to your web browser: The aim of this task is to prompt users to download and install the LastPass browser extension so that they can start enjoying the benefits of LastPass filling in website credentials for them.
    • Add your first password: This task prompts users to add a site password entry (that is, a set of credentials to log in to a website or app) to their LastPass vault.
    • Use the password generator: The goal here is to show users how LastPass can help them to adopt and maintain a good security hygiene. Using the password generator, users can generate strong and unique passwords for their sites.
    • Try autofill: Setting up autofill is another required step if users want to skip typing passwords and other information (such as addresses, payment card or bank account details, and so on) on websites.
    • Monitor your digital security: This task invites users to check out their Security Dashboard, which helps them identify security weaknesses in their vault (for example, the security score indicates the rating of how strong a user's passwords generally are, and displays the number of at-risk passwords a user has in their vault).

    Upon completing the starter kit, the user wins the reward of LastPass planting a tree on their behalf in a LastPass-sponsored forest (in Oregon, the Bootleg fire restoration area). The offer is valid for up to a total of 50,000 trees.

    About the policy and how to manage it

    The starter kit onboarding flow is enabled by default for new users, but LastPass Business admins can choose to enable it or disable it at any time in the new Admin Console.

      Access the policy.

      1. Log in with your email address and master password to access the new Admin Console at
      2. If prompted, complete steps for multifactor authentication (if it is enabled for your account).
      3. Go to Policies > General policies.
      4. Search for and select the Show starter kit policy.

        Result: Policy details are displayed in a pane on the right.

      5. Select Continue.
      6. Optional: If desired, select Edit policy settings to add Notes about this policy, then click Save changes.

      Set the policy status.

      1. For Status, choose from the following options:
        • Select Enabled to enforce the policy immediately (once users are assigned).
        • Select Disabled to add the policy but not yet enforce it (once users are assigned); can be enabled later.
      2. Select Save changes.

      Add users to the policy.

      1. Select Edit policy users.
      2. Assign users and groups by choosing one of the following options:
        Applies to Instructions
        All users
        1. Select All users > Save changes.
        Only these users/groups
        1. Select Only these users/groups > Assign users & groups.
        2. Use the search field and select the users and/or groups that you want to include for this policy.
        3. Select Assign users > Save & finish.
        All except these users/groups
        1. Select All except these users/groups > Assign users & groups.
        2. Use the search field and select the users and/or groups to exclude from this policy.
        3. Select Assign users > Save & finish.
      3. Select Save changes.
    Results: You have configured the "Show starter kit" policy for your selected users.