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Passwordless Login for Vault on Oculus

    You can enable passwordless login for vault on your Oculus device for easy vault sign-in, which allows you to use a push notification (or any other available authentication method) via the LastPass Authenticator app instead of manually entering your master password.

    Step #1: Enable your vault to use the LastPass Authenticator app

    First, you will need to enable your LastPass vault to use the LastPass Authenticator app as the only multifactor authentication option. This will grant you the ability to set up passwordless login on your Oculus device.

    Complete all the steps in these instructions, then return to this article and proceed to the next step.

    Step #2: Enable passwordless login for Oculus

    Next, enable passwordless login by using the Meta Quest Browser app.

    Notice: Setting up passwordless login directly from the LastPass app for Oculus is not supported, and can only be done using the Meta Quest Browser app.
    1. On your Oculus device, open the Meta Quest Browser app.
    2. Navigate to the LastPass website at, then select Log In in the upper-right navigation.
    3. Optional: If desired, select Advanced options > Remember Email to allow LastPass to pre-populate your email address for ease of use going forward.
    4. Enter your email address and master password, then select Log In.
    5. Complete the steps for multifactor authentication using the LastPass Authenticator app on your new device.
    6. When prompted, select Enable passwordless.
      Enable passwordless for device
    7. On the confirmation screen, select Log out & try it now to use passwordless login for your vault.
      Confirmation screen for passwordless enabled
    Results: You have enabled passwordless login for your vault from this specific device.

    Step #3: Use passwordless login on Oculus

    Now that you're all set up, you can use passwordless login via the LastPass app for Oculus going forward.

    Before you begin: You must install the LastPass app for Oculus from the Meta Quest Store before proceeding.
    1. Open the LastPass app on your Oculus device by selecting App Library > LastPass.
    2. Your email address is pre-populated for you (if you previously selected Remember Email in Step #3 above). Otherwise, enter your email address.
      The system recognizes that passwordless login is enabled and removes the master password field.
    3. Select Log in with Authenticator.
      Passwordless with LPA login screen

      Result: A push notification is sent to the LastPass Authenticator app app on your mobile device.

    4. Tap Accept on the authentication prompt (you will have one minute to respond, as indicated by the timer on the screen).
      Passwordless login prompt for LastPass Authenticator
    5. Verify your identity using stored biometrics (face or fingerprint) in the LastPass Authenticator app.

      Troubleshooting: If you are unable to verify using stored biometrics, select Having trouble? then verify using TOTP code, SMS passcode, or a phone call.

      Remember: Authentication methods will vary depending on how your account is set up and/or policies that are enforced by your LastPass Business admin.

    Results: You have used passwordless login via the LastPass Authenticator app to log in to your LastPass vault on your Oculus device.